Dagger Arkenstone

Ambassador of Blackwood to Mythodea
Of Heminshire

Daggers’ family, His mother Lady Tree and his sister, ship wrecked in the Realms around the year 995. With the knowledge that Trees’ brother had come to these lands years ago, the family traveled in search of him. They found him selling his wears in the lands of Rrathchllwyn at a tournament known as the Water Wars. There the Arkenstones met a great many people, more notably House Oyrnlayre. Lady Tree became possessed by a powerful drow priestess and began traveling with the rogue drow house headed by Mistress Raven and Blade Master Sloan dragging her children with her. Dagger remained in Oyrnlayre until he was old enough to venture out on his own.

Dragon’s Breath
Dagger had made some friends at a young age. One of them, Mace, showed combat prowess and was soon warmed by the Phoenix group Dragon’s Breath. Together, Derakis invited Mace, Dagger, and Maul (funny right) into the group…two days before it collapsed.

Galleos Seaelf, an ex-member of Dragon’s Breath, invited Dagger and his friends to come south with him to the Wastes where he had been lent land to build a nation. Once in the new lands of WhiteCoast, Dagger, with his foreign friend Slim, settled the town of CrestGrath. During this time, Dagger fast became one of the best combat healers in the Realms (No boast, fact).

The Commonwealth of Independent Nations
Baron Diamond gathered his allies into a single counsel headed body. The Commonwealth consisted of Banecroft, Fairhaven, the Iron Kingdom, and WhiteCoast. The alliance lasted two years. In its first year, they participated collectively in the Queen of Hearts tournament. Dagger made a strong showing of his line support skills there at a bridge battle where King Jerrod was quoted to have said, “we almost though you had us for a minute there. One more push and we would have buckled,” The next year Fairhaven left the alliance over a disagreement for that years’ QoH queen entrant. WhiteCoast made its strongest showing then before it also collapsed the following year leaving Dagger friendless.

Dagger wandered without limited friends of standing to protect him from himself. Soon he angered the wrong people, Grimloch, and found himself in desperate need of some new friends. He pulled people into the Realms from the town of CrestGrath, namely Maetsyn and Celeste. Later Mae made mention of wanting to join Idaris. Dagger thought it was good idea. In a years’ time, the three were full-fledged members. Dagger participated in the war against the armies of Zermarx where Sir K, Lord Darks’ brother, asked him to remove Idaris from combat to insure the safety of the Realm. This angered Lord Dark immensely and not long after Dagger found himself standing in a field facing down the Realms army: successfully. The political backwash forced much of the Idarins into a refugee camp in Blood Shed Forest. Dagger went home to CrestGrath.

Sir Dark consolidated his rule over the lands of Blackwood and later raising the banners of Blackwood once more. Dagger did not return in time to enjoy Arch Duke Diemos’s success. When next he returned to Blackwood, Diemos had sacrificed himself to save his love. With the newly reformed nation of Blackwood leaderless, Sir Kerrell stepped up to take the position. He was later elevated to the title of Prince by the collective people of Blackwood. Dagger swore fealty to both Prince K and Lord Nos of Heminshire at the Tournaments of Creathorne 1012.

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