The Knights of Blackwood were founded in 994 by (then) Archduke Nigel to protect the lands and nation of Blackwood. The Knighthood was publicly disbanded by Nigel in 1009. The dissolution was immediately refuted by Sir Dark and Sir K, who worked to regrow the knighthood into what it is today.

Primary Tenet:  Defend the lands of Blackwood

Current Knight Commander:


Current Knights of Blackwood:




Former Knight Commanders:


Former Knights of Blackwood:

  • Lady Sir Celeste
  • Sir Dark/Deimos/Santiago – Deceased
  • Sir Aeryk Valjeusaren – Deceased
  • Duke Sir Devlin Black of ShadowDragon
  • Viscount Sir Aelias Softshadow of Thorne Valley
  • Count Sir Vloric of Clontarf
  • Sir Duncan of Clontarf
  • Sir Jannin of Clontarf
  • Sir Pedriac of Thorne Valley


Oath of Fealty while Sir Dark was Knight Commander:
Here do I swear by mouth and mind and mind and hand
Fealty and service to the Crown and Land of Blackwood,
To speak and to be silent,
To do and to let be,
To come and to go,
To serve and to teach,
In all such matters that concern Blackwood;
In need or in plenty,
In peace and in war,
In living or in dying,
In life or in undeath,
From this hour hence forth,
Until the end of all days,
So say I,____.