The nation of Blackwood was established in the Realms of Wonder in circa 992 (1992) by Duke Nigel. It quickly grew into a fairly large nation. Circa 999 Prince Nigel left the realms and Blackwood was inherited by his adopted son Sir Aeryck Valhuseran. Shortly after that Sir Aeryck went missing.

In Circa 1000 the province of Idaris started being active and acquiring followers under Viscount Sir Dark. In 1009 Sir Dark declared himself Arch Duke of Blackwood, and declared Sir Aeryck legally dead. Shortly after this he died, and his brother Sir Kerrel Kal’Amar, Lord of Eroewan, ascended to the throne.

In 1010 Archduke Sir K became Prince when both Acteon and Thorn Valley swore fealty to him and rejoined Blackwood. This made Blackwood into a Principality.

Just four short years later the People of Blackwood crown Prince Sir K as their King.


Blackwood is a fictional nation in the Realms LARP based in New England USA. More information about the Realms can be found at realmsnet.