Lord Sir Trent Shadowdragon


Lord of Achoria
Knight of Blackwood

Trent is Chaos.

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History of Trent and Devlin Black

Trent and Devlin Black were raised in the ShadowDragon Provence of Blackwood, They had a typical brother’s bond, competitive but loyal. Devlin worked hard at both his martial training and lessons, while things always seemed to come easy to Trent.

While Devlin worked, Trent spent most of his adolescence drinking and chasing women, living life with the carefree attitude that only comes from knowing that eventually an entire country will be yours.

Upon the death of their father both boys were shocked to find that the Lands and Titles of ShadowDragon had been left to the hardworking Devlin, instead of the eldest son, Trent.

This inevitably put some distance between Trent and Devlin, though Trent always, at his core, remained loyal to his brother and his country. Trent headed up Devlin’s elite espionage and assassination unit, causing unrest where Devlin wished it but keeping Devlin’s name out of the fire.

The day Trent left ShadowDragon started out with so much promise. For the first time ever Duke Devlin Black invited the people of the Realms to visit his Keep and enjoy the festivities. The weather worked hard to keep many away, but those who braved the snow were definitely entertained for their bravery.

The festivities were kicked off with Enrico, the Portuguese Man of War, scalping Talon (at this point in the Realms history, scalping Talon was considered as much a part of a legal event as having 30 people and lasting 6 hours) for some transgression of another.

There was much debate about the cause of what transpired next. Somehow, outside the keep, all the members of Prince Morgil’s House Phoenix were killed. There are those who blame the incident on Trent and his blood thirsty gang, and some believe Trent was simply following Devlin’s orders. Most didn’t care, and just enjoyed the drama. By some magical circumstance shortly thereafter House Phoenix reinforcements arrived and proceeded to beseech their gods for the souls of their fallen comrades.

Prince Morgil demanded an answer from Devlin as to how such a thing like this could happen, or be allowed to happen in his lands. Devlin laid the entirety of the blame for the incident at Trent’s feet, despite Trent being inside the feasting hall the entire time. Trent, feeling very much hung out to dry, lashed out at Devlin and threatened to leave. Devlin took him up on his offer and told him that ShadowDragon would be better off without him. Trent looked back into the room, at the assembled nation of ShadowDragon and gestured towards to door. As one, the entire nation got up and exited with Trent. This was the beginning of Trent’s nation of Achoria.

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