Duke Sir Tao Ya Kang


Duke of Blackwood
Knight of the Eternal Flame
Lord of Clontarf
Knight of Blackwood

Tao was a Hunter and Farmer in Blackwood; Idaris. He is married with several children when the shield stone was first broken, he realized it needed to be fixed/destroyed.

He was a very good Hunter but realized the need of fighters that the Knight he was squired to needed. He gave up the bow for longer weapons.

He was made a Knight of Blackwood after 2 years of Squireship, Briefly to Sir Santagio, and then to Sir Guiliam for the balance. Sir Guiliam knighted Tao with Prince K’s blessing.

Sir Guiliam was made Knight Commander and appointed Sir Tao as his First Knight. Last year (1012) at Feast of Blackwood Prince K entrusted the Province of Clontarf to Sir Tao’s care. He has moved his family into Clontarf Castle and set up his business there.

Since becoming a Hero he has had to give up the farming. He has become a small business owner, growing his Casino from 1 Blackjack table to 8 different games as well as a floating poker game held in many different lands.

At the annual gathering known at the Blackwood Tournaments in 1013 Sir Guiliam and Prince K made Sir Tao the new Knight Commander of the Knights of Blackwood.

On Saturday, September 05, 2015 Lord Sir Tao stepped down as Knight Commander of the Knights of Blackwood, and named Lord Sir Saegan the new Knight Commander.

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