Squire, Knights of Blackwood
Member of Blackwood
Member of the Dark Isle

Sayeh is the Baroness of Sapphire Isle, Captain of the Flying Meg (a man’s powered airship), the niece of King Cecil of Chimeron, and the “unofficial” Matriarch of Clan Blackheart.


Her mother, Dame Altana Cecil, left her in the care of her Chimeron family but as time went on and Sayeh got older, she found that Chimeron wasn’t where she was meant to be.


Her closest friends – whom she considers her brothers- are Sir Axel Penn Nosetti, Squire Tuilli of the Blackhearts, and Garharz.


Her free spirited nature makes her a bit rebellious, but she is sought out by a few for her knowledge. Some would say she is her father’s child… because she shows few of her mother’s traits. Because she never knew her father except in stories, Sayeh doesn’t know much about her bloodlines or the powers she might have inherited from her father.


Recently she became the Avatar of a fairly new goddess “The Divine Harlot” – a goddess of lust, merriment, and consent. This change has brought up even more questions for Sayeh about her heritage and who, or even what, she is.
Also… she hates tabards. How is a tavern Wench supposed to make a living if her tabard covers up her boobs? Their are far more sensible fashion alternatives to show patriotism than a “boob napkin”.

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