Pilpus Finnigan


Petitioner of Blackwood

An everyday riverside farmer, Pilpus Finnigan’s tale began when Swoop and his fellow Riverhawks came stumbling onto his land fleeing some sort of minor altercation, and commandeered his farm as a Sanctuary of the time being. In their stay, Pilpus was whisked away by their stories of travel, wisdom and glory, so much in fact that when the time came for them to leave, he donned a tabard and merrily strolled along with them. They took him to great feasts and showed mighty dragons (from a distance might I add) and whetted his appetite for a wide open world for him to explore. His spirits though were dulled by their defeat at the hands of the Folkestone and Friends army when he’d merrily backed team Hooray! During the Queen of Hearts Tournaments.


Lying dead in a field covered in an assortment of blood and gore was not where Pilpus had pictured himself to be a year ago, and as madness set in the baking son of Rhiassa he heard a calm and soothing vibe beckon him from a distance. He saw himself surrounded by natural beauty that he as a farmer had once taken for granted, and he followed his heart all across the lands, learning their will and whimsy and attuning himself to the energies of the earth, mastering them as best he could. Before he left, he entrusted his farm to a fellow hawk Flydian and began the expedition of a lifetime.


From the riverlands of the Northern Alliance all the way down to the continents southern tip, through snow, sleet, rain and desert alike, following the Vibes that seeming only he could see to where ever they chose to lead him. It was the southmost point of the Realms that Pilpus found met his maiden of fancy Elizah and felt the vibes pull him back from whence he came, with a new companion in tow.


As he neared his homelands, he felt a voice enter his head and pulled him into the Groves of Erowyn. Their beauty was unparalleled and as he got lost in his sense’s, Elizah got lost in the groves. Though beautiful, there was no telling what dangers the wood may hold, and he searched for nearly a whole day for Elizah to no avail, when he stumbled upon a pale white and withering apple tree. He could see the tree was old and dying, but even in it’s final hours its magnificence enthralled him, and it was then that the voice spoke clear. “Heal me and I shall heal your woes, and aide you in your endeavors”. It was clear this is what he was compelled to the forest for, and this was his best chance of finding Elizah. He purified the roots of the tree, rejuvenating it, as a bright white light flashed before his eyes.


He awoke on the outskirts of the forest, his head in Elizah’s arms as she shook him to awareness. Had he never entered the forest? Whatever happened to that tree? And as he looked down at his skin he realized that he’d been enveloped in bark from head to toe. And the energies he once could only see he was completely in sync with, being able to feel the blood of the very earth beneath his feet flow freely unto forever. He soon learned to call back his bark and skin at will, and decided that with his new found powers, it was time to rejoin the Realms in their fight to protect it.

Drawn first to Chimeron where he helped repel the Risen Kingdom, in the final bought between Pilpus and General Starblade, he was scorched, his soul burned from his body in a single blow. In the midst of the hellish pain and dark calm that came next, He heard a child’s voice call him back into the fight and when he awoke he found 10 black scars run down his wrist, and within them a dark presence lingered.


He tabled his problem so that he might aide the earth around him, but that energy never quite went away. As he pressed on in his adventures, he’d find himself in dire situation where it would occasionally begin to burn and exude some type of force. It met a new height when he was stranded on Monster Island and kidnapped by a group of cannibal pygmies where they picked the flesh from his bones over and over until eventually he stopped regenerating it. It was then he heard the same child’s voice viciously choral his soul back into his body and escape with what was left of him. When he was in the safety of the camp, he realized he’d lost the ability to call back his skin, under the assumption that the pygmies probably ate all he was able to produce in one lifetime, cloaked in bark from here on out.


Upon his return from the island, he knew that there was so much left in this world to learn, and his near death experience had really put that into perspective for him. He petitioned the nation of Blackwood in hopes that he might be able to become the Grove Warden of Erowyn and learn what there is to learn from the birthplace of all the amazing things that have happened to him since he stepped foot off of his farm.


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