Deceased: Archduke Sir Dark/Deimos/Santiago


Betrothed of Quazar
Arch-Duke of Blackwood
Knight Commander of the Knights of Blackwood
Knight of the Steward
Viscount of Idaris
Order of the Red
Baliff of Justari
Warlord of Chaos
General of Zermarx the fallen
Herald of Lucious/Iculous

Dark is Santiago, Santiago is Dark, and both of them are Deimos. Talk about multiple personality disorders! He’s dead now, but he lives in a box and a vial. For someone who is dead its amazing that he still has two homes. Rumor has it Sir K keeps him on a shelf, talk about creepy! He did restart Blackwood though. Oh he sacrificed himself to save Quazar his betrothed. Then he came back and got married to her. Even creepier right? He hasn’t been seen since. But then he’s dead, so we guess that’s to be expected.

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