Petitioner of Blackwood

Flydian was born to a family of peasant laborers in a kingdom far across the sea. When he came of age, he was conscripted to fight in a brutal war against a rival kingdom. His nation’s army triumphed, however, the fleet of warships was caught in a violent storm en route back home. Flydian’s ship was torn apart.


Weeks later, Clan Riverhawk found his body washed up on the shore of the Realms. They raised him from the dead, and welcomed him to their caravan. He traveled with them until he met Pilpus Finnigan, who offered him a job on the Finnigan Farm. As a farmhand, Flydian taught Pilpus the time-saving farming techniques practiced in his homeland, such as casting circle of healing on plots of neglected crops, and duplicating livestock by cleaving the animals in two and casting raise dead on both halves separately. These new techniques allowed both Pilpus and Flydian to spend less time tending the farm, and more time adventuring.


On a recent adventure to Hell, Gordon Lightfoot arranged the opportunity for Flydian to sacrifice his soul in exchange for a new brothel on The Dark Island, which Flydian declined. The night he returned from Hell, Flydian received a visit from Diskordia, of whom he is a follower. The Lady of Discord expressed her disappointment in Flydian for his decision not to sacrifice himself for the promotion of chaos. As punishment, she stripped him of his magical abilities and ate all his pumpkin pie while he sat there helplessly. As a result, Flydian has become a fighter for the foreseeable future, and is questioning his religious choices.


Through his adventures, Flydian developed a strong kinship with nation of Blackwood. He fought and bled alongside them in battle after battle, and eventually felt the call to become a member of Blackwood himself. He is currently petitioning.