Piper Lightfoot


Knights of the Storm
Lord of Hollow Grove
Of Thorne Valley

Lord Master Piper Blackstone Lightfoot. Born in (988) outside the realms, original member of Knights of the Storm under Ironhand Blackstone, adopted by Ironhand in 997 before his death, Ironhand passed the deed to Thorne Valley to Piper, he attained it from Lord Voltric of Thorne Valley. Defender of Northvale. Piper Joined TV in 999 and rather than demand rights of ownership, to earn his place with the people. 1003 Duchess Gwen grants Piper land inside Thorne Valley, and Hollow Grove was founded. Since then, its members include Piper, Amanda Hollowgrove, Akasha, Aubrey, Alagore, and Kuzo since then he’s been holding down the fort, keeping his people safe, and serving the realm as often as possible. Thorne Valley is a rough volatile land and its members change number often, even without the threat of Lich invasion.

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