Lord of Alonis
King’s Guard
Knight of the Sable Dragon
Squire to Knights of Blackwood
of Acteon
of Blackwood
of Midgard
Sometimes called Red

Torolf was just a warrior from Midgard who’s guiding concerned was
earning entry into Valhalla. Until a spell intended to remove the blight of Bedlam from the Norlund Realms stranded him in the Realms. Later, along with Sir Duncan, Sir Vawn, and Sir Symir, he helped unite the tribes that became the Riverhawk Clan. After wandering the Realms for many years, and fighting in its battles and tournaments, Torolf finally settled down in the lands of Blackwood where he became a member of Acteon as well as the king’s guard. Torolf has also squired to the Knights of the Sable Dragon and pledged his sword, during times of need, to Sir Vawn and Eagle’s Rook.

On 27 May 1018 Sir Torolf won the Lord Challenge set forth by the King and ascended to Lord of Alonis.

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