Our rule system is designed so that others can easily utilize it for themselves. The rules cover from combat rules to character interactions, becoming a spell caster, and throwing events. Each year the Event Holders Council meets to make changes to the rules. Rule updates are usually published online around early March. Below you will find copies of the Omnibus (the rule book). There are a few options for how you can download it, but all of them require a PDF viewer.

2016 Rules

Printable 2016 Omnibus

Older rules

Full 2015 Omnibus
Full 2014 Omnibus
Full 2013 Omnibus
Full 2012 Omnibus Realmsnet Edition

Due to the size of the Omnibus we also have a two part download available.
Main 2012 Everything but spells
Spells 2012 Just contains spells

This section will be updated yearly with the new rules.

Copies of the rules (including a web version) can also be found online at: RealmsNet

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