Old Blackwood

Old Blackwood is 992-1001.

This era known as Old Blackwood had two leaders. Arch Duke Nigel, Prince of Alfheim and Arch Duke Sir Aeryk Valhurseran, Lord of Heminshire.

The archduchy of Blackwood was a hereditary title passed down the patriarchal line of the Valantor family. This delineation ended at Prince Sir Nigel Valantor due to his lack of siring children. Although he did adopt Sir Aeryk Valhuseran, the Lord of Heminshire as his son. Sir Aeryk assumed the Archduchy upon Sir Nigel’s abdication circa 998. Arch Duke Sir Aeryk went missing circa year 1001.

During this time period Nigel quickly gathered followers and Blackwood flourished. In 995 at the first annual Feast of Blackwood Nigel and Lady Dee of Chimeron were married. Although this was expected to unite the two nations politically as allies it failed to do so. In fact events at the feast by Chimeron members, and then events at the following Feast on Chimeron by Prince Nigel almost lead to a war. Queen Meg ended up challenging Prince Nigel to a duel which she won, and claimed his scalp. Later she returned the scalp and tensions were eased. However this was a missed opportunity for political gain by both parties.

Blackwood and their sub nations threw nine or so events during this era. They are:

The Blackwood Uni-Beast Hunt, Mage Quest, and Tourney
June 11, 994

1995 – 1st Annual Feast of Blackwood
February 11, 995

2nd Annual Feast of Blackwood
April 20, 996

Quest into Chaos
February 3, 996

Mithrils Might
June 14-16, 996

Feast of Heminshire
February 22, 997

Feast of Blackwood III
March 29, 997

2nd Feast of Heminshire
February 21, 998

Feast of Blackwood
Visiting the Blackwood Mages’ Library
November 17, 1001

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