New Blackwood

The history of New Blackwood picks up around 1001 a year after Sir Dark returned to the Realms. Using the lands and title Viscount of Idaris that were granted to him by Nigel circa 994 he started to attract followers. Idaris quickly became known as a haven for undead. As he consolidated his power base, one by one he took over the other provinces, until circa 1008 when he completed taking over the provinces and turned his eyes outwards towards the lands that used to be part of Blackwood. After reclaiming Achoria, Shadowdragon, and part of Thorne Valley he declared himself Arch Duke of Blackwood. Using the laws of the land he declared the missing Sir Aeryk officially dead.

A short time later Sir D sacrificed to save his bethrothed Lady Quazar of Folkstone, Steward of Achoria.

In the old tradition of Blackwood, his brother Sir K ascended to the throne. Less then a year later Thorne Valley willingly re-swore fealty to the crown of Blackwood. Acteon a small nation long friendly with Blackwood also swore fealty to the crown. This promoted Arch Duke Sir K to Prince, and escalated the archduchy to a principality.

For more information view the timeline and history.

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