Timeline of Blackwood History

————-=[ OLD BLACKWOOD ]=————-


1994 – Guilliam joins Blackwood

1995 – Thorne Valley is formed as a land grant from Sir Aeryck from his personal lands of Heminshire and some unclaimed territory.
– Guilliam joins Thorne Valley

? 1996 Spring [Carnival of the Black Rose 2]
– Baba becomes Prince Nigels Squire

? 1997 [Winterfest]
– Baba leaves Creathorne and drops his squires belt.

– Guilliam is squired to Aelias (then First Knight)

August 9th, 2000
– Sir Dark comes to the realms summoned as a Death Knight by Sir Carius of Draconia.

– Guilliam is knighted by Sir Pedraic into Knights of Blackwood
– Baba joins Folkstone

May 25-28th, 2001
– Sir Dark, Vorn, and Id discuss starting a new nation. Idaris is “formed”.

– Sir Guilliam becomes First Knight of Blackwood

— Sir Guilliam takes a leave of absence to join Grimloch.

July 30 2004 – August 1 2004 [ Summer Fest III]
– Baba goes west.
————-=[ NEW BLACKWOOD ]=————-


early 2004 – Bones joins Idaris and becomes Sir Dark’s squire
late 2004 – Onthor Gurg (Jumpy) joins Idaris

2005 [Tournaments of Creathorne] Bones becomes the Ambassador of Idaris and forms B.W.A.G. (BlackWood Ambassadorial Guard)

2005 – Nos and Vasdre join Idaris

2006 – ?
May 26, 2006 – May 29, 2006 [Tournaments of Creathorne 13]
– Zarathos joins Idaris
– Belle becomes a petitioner (with Faust as her sponser)


May 25, 2007 – May 28, 2007 [Tournaments of Creathorne 14]
– Belle becomes a full member of Idaris
– Aiden becomes a petitioner (with Meds as his sponser)
– Salvo becomes a full member of Idaris

July 13 2007 – July 15 2007 [Feast of Min 17]
– Hippie Joined Idaris

October 5, 2007 – October 8, 2007 [Realms Aide II]
– Tao joins Idaris

May 23, 2008 – May 26, 2008 [Tournaments of Creathorne 15]
– Celeste, Maetsyn, Dagger, and Rayne become full members.

? – Bones is Knighted into the Knights of the Steward

July 11 2008 – July 13 2008 [Feast of Min 18]
– Hippie becomes a Priestess of Bast, and a member of the Church of Chaos

August 2008
– Hippie becomes the Scribe of Blackwood

August 30th, 2008 [Folkstone Questing]
– Sir D names Quazar the Lady of Achoria
– Nos breaks his weapons restriction

April 19, 2009 [Tournament of Blades]
– Acteon debutes as a new nation in the realms. Founding members are: Toah, Saegen, Vito, Laertese

May 22, 2009 – May 25, 2009 [Tournaments of Creathorne 16]
– Foren becomes a petitioner
– Telerie becomes a petitioner

June 28, 2009 Yet Another Idaris Cook Out (Neil’s mom’s house) [Spring BBQ]
– ? became Highmage
– Nos became Champion
– Aidan joins B.W.A.G. (BlackWood Ambassadorial Guard)

August 8, 2009
– Magnus Heavyhammer was arrested for the murder of Lady Quazar

August 28, 2009 [Feast of Folkstone]
– Arch-Duke Sir Aeryk Valhuseran declared legal dead.
– Sir Deimos Kal/Amar ascends to the title of Arch-Duke of Blackwoord and announces the following:
* Lord Sir Kerrell re-affirmed as the Lord of Eroewan, and a Knight of Blackwood.
* Lady Quazar re-affirmed as Lady of Achoria.
* Sir Guillium of Grimloch presented with a new belt, re-affirming his status as a Knight of Blackwood.
* Sir Bones named Lord of Najena, and Knight of Blackwood
* Steward Celeste named Lady of Alonis, and Knight of Blackwood
* Nos, Champion of Blackwood named Lord of Heminshire, and Knight of Blackwood

2009 [Fall Cookout]
– Hippie becomes the Lieutenant of Heminshire.

September 6th, 2009 @ 1:20am [Folkstone Questing]
– Arch-Duke Sir Deimos dies.

September 7th, 2009 [Folkstone Questing]
– In the last will and testament of Sir Deimos Kal’Amar the following was decreed:
* Lord Sir K was named Knight Commander of the Knights of Blackwood
* Lord Sir Bones is named protector of the Varta, and entrusted with magic Spear “Spirit of Varta”
* Lady Sir Celeste is bequeathed the magic item “Amulet of Min”
* Lord Sir Nos is bequeathed the magic item “Sunfire Tabard”
* Lady Quazar is bequeathed the magic item “Ash Dagger”, which is in the possession of Mythguard.
* These five are also charged with the task to decide the fate of Blackwood.
* Lt. Vasdre is released from his oath of fealty to pursue his own endeavors.
* Squire Magnus Heavyhammer is bequeathed the magic item “Morsoseth, the sword of Shadows”

September 11th, 2009 [King of Rogues VII]
– Sir D’s funeral pyre
– Lady Quazar renounces Eris

November 21st, 2009 [Black & White]
– Sir Deimos returns to the Realms at the annual gathering of the Black and White and is wed to Lady Quazar by Queen Nimbus of the Fae.

May 2nd 2010 – Blackwood Cookout at Seamus and Chris place
– ? became Highmage
– ? became Champion
– Telerie becomes a full member

May 28, 2010 – May 31, 2010 [Tournaments of Creathorne 17]
– Foren becomes a full member of Idaris.
– Hippie drops her tabard.

June 25, 2010 [Feast of Blackwood 2010]
– Belle is transformed from a Faerie into a Raccoon

July 2010
– Lady Quazar steps down as Steward of Achoria, and gives as her parting act bequeaths it to Valas of Idaris.

August 29 2010 – BBQ/Pool Party (Ben’s mother’s House) [Fall Cookout]
– Hippie returns to Blackwood

? Jan 8th, 2011 [Feast of Leviathan]
– Magnus Heavyhammer was knighted as a Knight of Blackwood.
– Hippie becomes the Scribe of Blackwood again.

May 27 2011 – May 30 2011 [Tournaments of Creathorne 18]
– Arch-Duke Sir K accepts the title of Prince of Blackwood (30May11)
– Tao is knighted into the Knights of Blackwood. (30May11)
– Belle is squired to the Knights of the Steward (28May11)
– The nation of Acteon joins Blackwood as a new province, and swears Fealty to Prince K.
– The nation of Thorn Valley re-joins Blackwood as a province, and swears Fealty to Prince K.
– Mara/Po and Foren are released from their vows of fealty and asked to hand their tabards in.

2011 – Cookout
– Telerie becomes the Ambassador of Blackwood

? 2011
– Valas is named Lord of Achoria by Sir K
– Sir Guilliam named Knight Commanders of the Knights of Blackwood

July 9 2011 – July 10 2011 [Feast of Min]
– Telerie becomes the Champion of Min

June 2011
– Sir Magnus Heavyhammer is named Steward of Achoria by Sir K following the death of Lord Valas.

Oct 30, 2011 [Feast of Blackwood 2011]
– Lady Celeste leaves Blackwood for the Northern Alliance.
– The Blackwood Planar Shield Stone is destroyed and Marduath and Edaonae are reunited at long last.
– Vasdre ascends with Edaonae
– Guillium refuses the offer to ascend as Avatar of Edaonae.
– Hippie becomesa squire to the Knights of the Steward.
– Mathias becomes a squire to the Knights of ?

December 17 2011 – December 18, 2011 [Uncle Cecil’s]
– Slade McGreggor becomes a petitioner

May 25, 2012 – May 28, 2012 [Tournaments of Creathorne 19]
– Sir Tao becomes First Knight of Blackwood

Sept 1, 2012 – Sept 3 2012 [Folkestone Questing 2012]
– Sir K bonds with a shadow, and Shadow K is born.

Sept 28, 2012 – Sept 30, 2012 [Feast of Blackwood III]
– Sir Tao is named Lord of Clontarf.

May 24, 2013 – May 27, 2013 [Tournaments of Creathorne 20]

July 5, 2013 – July 7, 2013 [Blackwood Tournaments 2]
– Squire Sagaen is knighted. This is the first time a citizen of Acteon has been knighted.
– Sir Guiliam steps down as Knight Commander of the Knights of Blackwood, his last act is to promote Lord Sir Tao (First Knight) to Knight Commander.
– Lord Sir Tao as Knight Commander chooses a new First Knight of Sir Sagaen.


Sunday, September 7, 2014 [Feast of Blackwood V]
– Prince Sir K is crowned King by the People of Blackwood


Saturday, September 05, 2015 [Folkestone Questing 2015]
– Lord Sir Tao steps down as Knight Commander of the Knights of Blackwood, he names Lord Sir Saegan the new Knight Commander


Sunday, September 27, 2015 [Feast of Blackwood VI]
– Northern Alliance became the newest Province of Blackwood (and remains a sovereign state under the rule of the Elders).
– Sir Saegan names Sir Jinx as First Knight of the Knights of Blackwood


Saturday, January 16, 2016 [Feast of Leviathan XVIII]
– Sir Jinx is knighted in the Knights of the Eternal Flame

Saturday, May 28th, 2016 [ToC 23]
– Torolf becomes a petitioner
– Lord Sir Saegan is knighted in the Knights of the Eternal Flame


Sunday, September 25, 2016 [Feast of Blackwood VII]
In order of occurrence:
– Kalumdaka joined became the newest Province of Blackwood (and remains a sovereign state under command of Faust and Meds).
– Squire Kirk Mezgraf was made Steward of Alonis by Lady Celeste
– Tryke Angelfire, Flydian, Pilpus Finnigan become petitioners
– Sir Rillan of Invictus, Sir Seeker, and Sir Trent spoke on behalf of Sir Bones at Court.
– Sir Bones formed the King’s Guard, and sworn in 8 members: (Sir Seeker, Aiden, need rest of names)
– Sir Bones was re-Knighted into the Knights of Blackwood
– Sir Seeker accepted being a Squire to the Knights of Blackwood
– Sir Jinx named Lady of Uffren
– Sir Magnus named Lord of the Dark Isle
– Sir Mathies named Lord of a portion of land along the border of Acteon and Northern Alliance.
– Torolf received a Fireball from Sir Shandar
– Torolf was squired by Knights of the Sable Dragon
– King Sir K was made a Knight of the Realms.
– Zatara left the Nation.


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